Shane Kenny has worked all of his life in customer service. His appetite for restaurant business began at the Pronto Grill in Ranelagh when Shane would, as a young teenager, sneak out onto the floor to showcase his friendly personal touch with locals who enjoyed his fathers home style cooking that dated back to 1960 at this Dublin 6 address.

After completing his Hotel Management Diploma at Shannon Hotel School Shane set off on some invaluable hotel and restaurant management work in Washington D.C.

In 1997, five years later, Shane returned to Dublin and began to transform Paddy Kenny’s Pronto to a Modern day proper local eatery. Just over four years later Shane agreed to lease the property to the now very successful TriBeCa.

Continuing in his quest for the perfect hospitality experience Shane took a very different road deciding to go and work in the world of “Undertaking”. Here he took charge of the newly acquired Patrick Massey Funeral Directors in Dublin’s inner city Coombe location. This new career for Shane allowed even more focus on the importance of caring for clients by providing true feeling in service and creating a very unique experience in dealing with families. Satisfied after five memorable years in charge Shane returned to the industry that started it all by opening the now very well known and successful “Seapoint” restaurant in the beautiful village of Monkstown.

Now in its sixth year of restaurant business Seapoint itself has relaunched its brand and undergone an interior transformation. Shane feels it vital that he has his own hospitality model in this live breathing form at his busy Monkstown venue.

It is only since 2008 when Seapoint opened first that Shane wondered what it was that ignited the buzz for him in this business? For many years now this industry has talked about providing wonderful “service” and transforming people’s food experience by amazing ingredients. Celebrity Chefs have taken centre stage and still people wonder what is it about one restaurant that gives it that appeal that others lack?

Indeed not just in this industry but right through the ‘people” industry as we are in contact with other humans on a daily basis and we ask ourselves, why do we return to that local GP, Funeral Director, Dentist etc…. ? Why would we rather pay more to return to the same hotel every year for our mid term break?

What makes some in our industry shine when others are chilled out in the shade?