"Learn not from your mistakes but from your reflection"

Very recently, while I was away from my restaurant I happened to make a phone call to my team before what appeared to be a rather quieter than normal Friday night ahead. We had a private party booked in on the first floor and the main dining room only at around 28 reservations in a room that will seat over 80 people!

So in anticipation of this and with the greatest intention of saving hours, one of my main bartenders had volunteered to take the night off. Now after a little look at the team remaining and also how early in the day it still was I intervened in a manner that could be felt as supportive. I advised my bartender to reconsider, because if we did happen to get a lot of walk in business the first to get the hit would be the bar!

He agreed and as the night continued we did pickup and actually welcomed well over 100 guests into the restaurant and bar downstairs. In fact the private party happened to order quite a few "Espresso Martinis".  Again this was an area we needed our bartender tonight more than ever!

Now while I was very pleased that I called the restaurant when I did, I also felt it important for us to reflect together on this occasion. Often I guess we tend to feel that it is our mistakes that we learn from, when in actual fact if we allow ourselves the space and respect to stand back and simply reflect, then this is so much more meaningful for all concerned. This process will also last longer within the team concerned.

I personally must thank my good friend Dave Gribben of "Enable Consulting" for sharing this recently over a chat. Let's Stay, "Hospitality Aware"!!

Shane Kenny