Importance of "Emotional Intelligence"

Here’s a great story of “TOTAL HOSPITALITY”!!

A friend recently told me about a wonderful experience he had while flying in to attend a conference using Southwest Airlines.

So he arrives in Chicago from Buffalo in Flip Flops, Jeans and a teeshirt. Goes to pick up his suit case from the baggage carousel. Nightmare strikes as he soon discovers that his bag has not arrived:((

Minutes later he is at the SW “lost baggage” counter telling his sad story….
Huge conference tomorrow, no suit, tie, shoes etc!!

With a smile he is greeted and told that he will get his bag but not until tomorrow, around noon:(

However the offer from the smiley representative is for him to go out and suit up with new appropriate attire and he will be fully compensated when he returns to SW desk at Buffalo airport.

Not wanting to take advantage he spends just under $300 does and brings his receipts back to claim his refund. Again he is greeted by another very pleasant SW representative. This time he is told not to worry about the receipts and he should have spent more on himself!  The lady reaches into the cash drawer and with a smile returns my friends funds. Well to say the least he was very impressed.

The speed and yet huge trust on behalf of the airline during this whole stressful scenario is something missing from our industry.

Whether it’s a restaurant, hotel, airline or even a hospital we need to see the bigger picture. Our business will always grow and flourish once we allow wonderful employees demonstrate their passion for the business through acts of powerful emotional intelligence.

Take vouchers for example! Why do people feel just a little uneasy when they turn up to use a voucher in a restaurant, feeling they may be treated differently.  We need to welcome these vouchers back with open arms and never treat our guests differently. If a voucher is out of date or someone can’t find the voucher they were given as a present then step up and shine because this is your opportunity to stand out from the rest in your industry as you once again welcome your guest and thank them for taking the time to book at your Restaurant or Hotel. Another super occasion for your fantastic staff to perform their best!!

Catriona Barry